Monday, 28 June 2010

Our preliminary music video :D


The music video we're doing is to the song "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles.

We decided on the lesson we chose our music, that we would make this a parody. We decided that I (James) would sing the song in a parodic way.


We're going to be using a watering can to create the effect of over dramatic raining (if Possible).
drum kit, triangle, drum sticks, microphone.

music room and the field.

tearable shirt, rock clothing.

we're going to do the first minute of the song.


Camera and camera stand.
Watering can.
Wind machine (If possible)


similar music videos include: First date, basketcase

Shot List:

Mid shot during t-shirt scene on the field, as well as a low angle.
High angle starting in music room, as well as well as mid shots on all performers, and a mix of close up shots and canted angles during this scene.


random colour changes and filters

(if possible we may involve a speed change on the while on the field providing we have enough time).

Big love from James and Ryan.
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